How to use name stamp

No more sewing! No more ironing!

The fastest way to label your belongings. Simply STAMP! STAMP! STAMP!

Sticker Holic name stamp is suitable for papers, some leather(shoe sole, wellies, etc), some fabrics(polo t-shirts, cotton t-shirts, PE top, clothes caring labels, underwear, swimming costume, bookbag, PE bag, etc) and some plastics.


How to use name stamp:

1. Place the item on a hard surface. Please ensure it’s the right way up!
2. Stamp firmly on your item. Do not wiggle!
3. Allow the stamp ink to dry up for at least 24 hours before washing/using the item.


How to fit the ink pad:

We will send you the stamp body and ink pad separate so you can fit the ink pad in when you need to use.

Here is the guide how to fit the ink pad.

1. Put a piece of paper underneath to prevent stain the floor/table.
2. Get the ink pad out of the silver bag (Please keep the bag to store the ink pad later)
3. Check two small dots of the stamp body.
4. Check the arrow point of the ink pad.
5. Squeeze the stamp together slightly.
6. Fit the ink pad into the stamp facing the dots side of the body and the arrow of the ink pad together.
7. You will hear small “click” sound!
8. All done. Test it on the paper and enjoy stamping!


If you don’t use the stamp a while:

Please store the stamp in a cool/dry space to avoid contact with air. You will be able to use the stamp for longer.

1. Squeeze the stamp together slightly.
2. Carefully push and remove the ink pad.
3. Keep the ink pad in the silver bag provided. (Please make sure to seal the bag properly!)
4. Next use, refit the ink pad.
5. Enjoy stamping again!



* Wash new clothes before stamping.
* Once applied, please allow the stamp ink to dry up for at least 24 HOURS before washing/using the item.
* These are not suitable for thick/fluffy/rough texture and some plastic.
* Please practise on paper first.